Many large companies and government organizations rely on partnership with disability societies to surpass standard employment practices. By offering comprehensive employment opportunities to people with disabilities, they are, in effect, improving working conditions for all. The cross-country survey of best employers for people with disabilities describes initiatives taken by five employers. Where once people with injuries and other disabilities became virtual shut-ins because they were perceived as incapable. Meet the top-five employers for people with disabilities in Canada.

With over 1,300 employees, Boeing Canada Operations in Winnipeg provides employment opportunities for prospective employees with disabilities partnering with the Society for Manitobans with Disabilities (SMD). The SMD’s employment development program assists disabilities workers with vocational counselling and helps employers draw on its a pool of skilled workers qualified with relevant experience, thereby saving Boeing Canada and other employers time and money by pre-screening selected workers for specific needs.

Ontario Public Service in Toronto partners with the Ontario Disability Network to provide disabled workers among its 65,400 employees with equal access to jobs. As an Equal Opportunity employer, the Ontario Public Service is committed to “removing barriers in employment policies and practices to allow full participation and productivity in all aspects of employment”.

Among its host of services and events for “celebrating diversity” in the workplace, Public Works and Government Services Canada of Gatineau holds an international day for persons with disabilities.

SaskTel partnered with the Saskatchewan Abilities Council (SAC) to create an employment pilot program for its 3,190 employees that included rigorous job training for persons with cognitive disabilities. As a partner, SAC offers two programs: Partners in Employment and Training Centres to improve work opportunities for people with disabilities.

The City of Vancouver has over 6,800 employees and advisory committees, which act as advisory bodies, to city council for persons with disabilities. In partnership with advisory committees and others, Human Resource Services promotes programs and services to provide support for employees return to work following an occupational or non-occupational related illness or injury.

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