Tax Credits for People with Long-Term Disabilities

On February 27, 2012, in British Columbia, Canada, Vancouver, by Jason Hall

On Monday, February 20, Don Davies, NDP MP for Vancouver Kingsway held a sold-out seminar on disability tax credit. It seems there is enough interest in this riding on long-term disability tax credits to pack the Trout Lake Community Centre on a rainy Monday night. As the promotional materials put it, “In our community, thousands of […]

Veterans Drummed Out Of Their Disability Claims

On February 21, 2012, in British Columbia, Canada, Ottawa, Surrey, Winnipeg, by Rosalie McLachlin

With National Defence stating that 2,000 soldiers were injured in the last ten years in Afghanistan, why is it that Canadian veterans are being drummed out of their entitlement to benefits—without even knowing why? A recent CBC interview reveals that the Government doesn’t do a good enough job explaining to the country’s 200,000 veterans why […]

Disability Claim Denied – a bitter pill to swallow

On February 7, 2012, in British Columbia, Canada, Ontario, Quebec, by Jason Hall

A recent study in the Canadian Medical Association Journal finds that one in ten Canadians are not filling prescription drugs, because they can’t afford them. Many Canadians mistakenly assume that universal medicare will cover all their medical expenses, and are shocked when they discover the costs for their prescription drugs. The result for many: they […]

Disability Denied for Carpenter Brings Tragedy

On January 28, 2012, in Vancouver, by Rosalie McLachlin

Last week’s disheartening news of the North Shore carpenter, who died in a fire after being denied disability coverage from the Provincial Government, points to the need for individuals to have good legal representation. Mr. Lalonde, a 53-year-old carpenter who worked in the Vancouver area for years, was known by the community as loyal, accomplished, […]

How Stroke Ready are You?

On January 20, 2012, in Canada, by Jason Hall

According to the Canadian Heart and Stroke Foundation, Canadians are woefully under prepared for strokes. People suffering from even non-disabling strokes spend up to $24,000 in the first six months alone, and more severe strokes can incur expenses in excess of $100,000 for long-term care (such as care giving, transportation, and lost income). While you’re […]

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Welcome to Canada’s Top Disability Claims Blog

On January 20, 2012, in Canada, by Jason Hall

Welcome! This blog provides news and insights about disability claims in Canada. You can read the latest stories listed in reverse chronological order or use the Search box to find related blog posts. A new blog post appears every week.