NOVAMOXIN antibiotic

Credit: wikimedia commons

A recent study in the Canadian Medical Association Journal finds that one in ten Canadians are not filling prescription drugs, because they can’t afford them. Many Canadians mistakenly assume that universal medicare will cover all their medical expenses, and are shocked when they discover the costs for their prescription drugs. The result for many: they don’t fill the prescription.

According to the Journal, “Many patients do not adhere to treatment because they cannot afford their prescription medications, putting them at increased risk of adverse health outcomes. We determined the prevalence of cost-related non-adherence and investigated its associated characteristics, including whether a person has drug insurance”.

For British Columbia residents, PharmaCare provides coverage for prescription drugs, provided you meet its criteria. Ontario offers several prescription drug benefit programs, and in Quebec (where everyone is required to have prescription drug insurance), there are two programs: private and public.

While you’re in the hospital your provincial health plan covers your medications, but once you’re released and return home, you will have to pay for them yourself or through a provincial or private drug plan. Without additional health insurance, you may find yourself with unexpected medical expenses. If your disability claim is denied AND you lack coverage for prescription drugs, you’ll need someone to provide expert legal advice from a lawyer with comprehensive knowledge of local disability claims.

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