This week, the Government of Canada’s 2012 Economic Action Plan is being felt in Winnipeg where 30 people with disabilities are receiving funding to gain the skills they need to get jobs. By investing an additional $30 million over three years into the Opportunities Fund,  more Canadians with disabilities have the opportunity to become gainfully employed. This recognizes the contribution people with disabilities can make to business and the Canadian economy.

How are jobs shaping up for Canadians in other parts of the country? Service Canada provides funding to companies and organizations to assist with hiring and training of disabled people. The program has a particular focus on creating local and regional employment. According to Service Canada, “Funding for national projects is distributed by means of a Call for Proposals“.

Across the country, there are opportunities for persons with disabilities. Services Canada also lists several with links:

Organization Project Title
Canadian Society for Social Development (CSSD) Business Abilities
Neil Squire Society Enhanced Employ – Ability
Canadian Council on Rehabilitation and Work (CCRW) Partners for Workplace Inclusion
Richmond Centre for Disability Resources for Career Development
Kootenay Employment Services Society Working Solutions
SPHERE-Québec Employment Integration of People with Disabilities in Canada
British Columbia Centre for Ability Association Employer Awareness
Greater Victoria Economic Development Association EntreActive

The objective of the program is to help people with disabilities gain employment by providing organizations (including businesses, non profits, and municipal governments) with funding to hire, and retain, as well as to assist disabled persons succeed as self-employed workers. The objective, then, is to increase “economic participation and independence”. To find out more information call 1-800-622-6232.

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