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On September 10, 2012, in Carleton University, Ottawa, by Rosalie McLachlin

Ottawa-based Group Supports Students with Disabilities

For some, September is not a rosy, red-apple time. It’s a battle between our determination to get back to school, and the everyday challenges that impede it. Thank heavens for resources like NEADS.

What is NEADS?

Based out of Carleton University in Ottawa, the National Educational Association of Disabled Students (NEADS) is a national consumer organization that encourages post-secondary students with disabilities to gain equal access to college or university education. NEADS provides bilingual information on services and programs, publishes a regular newsletter, and conducts research. Members include disabled students, educators, organizations and professional service providers.

5 ways NEADS can help you get back to school:

  1. Financial aid. With a login to DisabilityAwards.ca, you can access information about awards, scholarships and grants according to your eligibility. You can perform searches, save awards information, and receive notifications of new awards such as the National Student Awards Program and the Holly Bartlett Memorial Award.
  2. High School Transition. A guide just for students who are preparing for post-secondary education, the High School Outreach Project shares information about support, funding, and other services. It answers frequently-asked questions and shares student success stories, too.
  3. Disability services on campuses. EdLink is a national directory of college and university disability service providers.  You can search by province and type of institutions, and the resulting links access details on accommodation, physical access, services and support.
  4. Post-secondary peer support. Events such as the Mad Students Society’sPsyching up for School” workshop brings students with mental health disabilities together to share resources on the logistics of acquiring documentation, monitoring medications, and other school-related tasks.
  5. Useful, all-purpose answers. Unlike the marketing info on most Web sites, the frequently-asked questions from students with disabilities on the NEADS Web site has real-world usefulness. For example,

To learn more about NEADS, visit their Website at www.neads.ca. There you’ll also find a calendar of upcoming events, employment resources, a discussion forum, and information about Adaptech’s free and inexpensive software for students with disabilities.

If you have been denied a disability claim as a student, get a second opinion. For a free lawyer referral, call toll-free at 1-855-843-9729.

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