How Stroke Ready are You?

On January 20, 2012, in Canada, by Jason Hall

Canadian Heart and Stroke FoundationAccording to the Canadian Heart and Stroke Foundation, Canadians are woefully under prepared for strokes. People suffering from even non-disabling strokes spend up to $24,000 in the first six months alone, and more severe strokes can incur expenses in excess of $100,000 for long-term care (such as care giving, transportation, and lost income).

While you’re in the hospital your provincial health plan covers your medications, but once you’re released and return home, you will have to pay for them yourself or through a provincial or private drug plan. Without additional private health insurance, you may find yourself with unexpected medical expenses. There is good news, however, as each Canadian province and territory has its own prescription drug and medical expenses benefit program and the CLHIA (Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association) provides information about private supplementary health insurance.

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