Is Your Favourite Summer Sport Covered?

On July 5, 2012, in Canada, by Jason Hall

Are You Insured For This Sport?For most Canadians, the thought of a perfect summer holiday is a cabin by a lake in the woods, the loons calling, a steak on the barbie, and a cold one in hand. For others (perhaps yourself), summer is a great time to indulge in some adrenaline pumping sport, such as high-altitude hiking, base jumping, or heli-skiing (that’s right, for the intrepid the glaciers of BC and Alberta beckon even on Canada Day).

In Vancouver, the debate rages on about the need for cyclists to don helmets (it’s out of the City’s control as this was legislated by the province several years ago, but the City’s attempts to encourage commuter cycling are being stymied by the helmet law). The question here is whether or not a bareheaded cyclist, injured, would be be covered for disability by a private insurer? Does disregard for danger form a precedent for disability claim denied?

So, before heading out extreme storm chasing in Saskatchewan (yes, thanks to climate change this extreme sport has moved north), or bungy jumping in BC’s Fraser Canyon, you might want to check that the extended insurance you’ve purchased covers you in the event that you’re injured and possibly disabled. On the up side, there’s no adrenaline rush like reading your policy after the fact to find that you’ve been denied. Better to talk with a lawyer and your insurance agent before undertaking dangerous or extreme sports. Failing that, maybe a nice float round the lake in the canoe is extreme enough.










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