Alberta LegislatureThe Wildrose party’s intent on cutting government spending raises concerns about social issues for Albertans with long-term disabilities. While the Redford government has increased payments to welfare programs its 2012 Budget, a debate about the future of social programs in Alberta calls these gains into question even with the Conservatives in power.

The push to cut costs has some vulnerable Albertans concerned their programs will be slashed or more services will be provided privately, rather than by government or non-profit organizations.

According to the Calgary Herald, “Critics already lament the government’s move to house more seniors in private, assisted-living facilities, rather than government-run nursing homes, and are fearful the government will remove the cap on the amount that private companies can charge for rooms in long-term care facilities”.

The Canadian Lawyer magazine sees the Wildrose party’s stand on human rights as bleak, stating that the party’s proposal for changes to Alberta’s Human Rights’ Act are both substantive and procedural.

And while the Tories and the Wildrose party battle it out over issues affecting all Albertans, (such as privatizing healthcare), as an Albertan with a long-term disability, you want to know that party promises don’t translate into cuts to disability benefits you deserve. For more information, follow the unfolding election news and ask a lawyer conversant in disability law in your area.

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