Ontario Ombudsman Sees 30% Increase In Complaints

On June 27, 2012, in Ontario, by Jason Hall

The Ontario ombudsman’s office has been overwhelmed with an increase of  almost 30% more complaints than last year. Complaints include denied disability claims and with Ombudsman, André Marin and his staff beseiged, getting resolution may prove more difficult than usual.

According the the Ontario ombudsman’s website, an Ombudsman “is an independent officer of the Legislature who investigates complaints from the public about Ontario government services. André Marin has been the Ombudsman since 2005 and his investigations have sparked numerous government reforms”.

Some noteworthy examples include families with disabled children who were wrongly denied benefits and a couple whose drinking water was contaminated with Ministry of Transportation road salt. Many transportation authorities contract their road maintenance out to third-party service providers including the purchase of road salt. These third-party contractors are often in conflict of interest, because they make more money by using more salt. Without a way for the Ministry of Transportation to monitor salt usage, (now possible using cutting-edge GPS tracking and telematics devices, but not necessarily implemented), governmental agencies cannot verify how much salt is needed. This presents an environmental, public perception, and of course, legal headache.

Where does that leave you as an ordinary citizen? If you’re wrongfully disabled and even the Ombudson’s office can’t help, chance are it may be overwhelmed. If your disability claim is denied, get the help of a qualified lawyer in your area. Based on the nature of your claim, a fully-licensed Canadian lawyer with knowledge of disability claims can get you the results you deserve.


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