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Disability Claim FAQs

Top-Five Frequently Asked Questions


Question #1: Do I pay for this service?


Answer: There is no charge to you for this service. Until you agree to engage a lawyer, you are not obliged to pay any fees. Once you have retained a lawyer through this site, that lawyer may pay a referral fee at no additional cost to you.


Question #2: Is the information I provide confidential?


Answer: Your information is treated as confidential. Once you have retained a lawyer, all information provided to that lawyer is protected by solicitor-client privilege and may not be disclosed to anyone. In addition, none of the information you provide to TheyPay (including your name, email, address and telephone number) will be used for any other purpose or distributed in any way except to contact you.


Question #3: What are the qualifications of the referred lawyers?


Answer: We only refer cases to lawyers in good standing with the Law Societies in their jurisdiction, and who have experience, knowledge, and expertise in the specific area of practice related to your case.


Question #4: What can I expect?


Answer: Our lawyers will be able to discuss your legal rights (such as the specific rights arising out of your contract of insurance) with you, and will protect your case from the applicable limitation periods. They will analyze and assess the merits of your case, and outline your legal options including expected time lines and the risks and merits of your claim.


Question #5: How much is my case likely to be worth?


Answer: Because your case is based on a contract, your lawyer will need information such as the amount and duration of coverage, and the reason for coverage denial. With this information, your lawyer will discuss the potential monetary value involved in your claim with you.